Ninth House, Leigh Bardugo

First of all, I’m extremely happy that I’m finally part of a bookclub! Since a long time ago I wanted to join one but I didn’t know what to do or where to look for one, so I jumped into the international side of Bookstagram and I found the most amazing group ever.

My girls at the Fiction Addition group chat are the best thing I could ever ask for, it’s a great community of readers from all over the world and we share a book every month, we discuss our different point of views and thoughts and basically we truly enjoy reading.

This first month we read the very first adult novel of Leigh Bardugo, (you probably know her for the Shadow and Bone series and the entire GrishaVerse) Ninth House.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. Photography by Nathalia Cz for Read In Bookblog.

I hated it, I have to be honest I didn’t like this book at all and I’m extremely mad because I loved the GrishaVerse so much it hurts how bad Ninth House was.

I knew a lot of good things about this novel, won for Goodreads choice in 2019 and I thought it would be a great book since I enjoy a lot fantasy books but apparently not this type of urban fantasy because I wanted to cry and sleep and cry again… I was so bored while reading this that in my head I really wanted to quit but I forced myself to finish since this was my very first buddy read.

I think one of the worst parts about this book were the timelines, it was confusing and I felt the author try to combine two stories in one by doing this but unsuccessfully. Also I never clicked with the main characters, Alex and Darlington, which broke my heart since I literally loved almost every single character in the GrishaVerse, and I know I shouldn’t make a comparison but I can’t understand how the same Leigh Bardugo who wrote masterpieces like Six of Crows and King of Scars wrote this messy book!

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. Photography by Nathalia Cz for Read In Bookblog.

I think the amount of trigger scenes were completely unnecessary and overwhelming, like if with this she was trying to tell us “this is not YA, this is adult stuff, this is not GrishaVerse.” Totally unnecessary, we get the point!

It’s very weird to me to make such a bad review, but I cannot lie when I really hated a book so much, if you read it and liked it, excellent and I’m extremely excited that you found a good read, but for me, I think I’m gonna erase all my thoughts about this novel and stay in a happy place with Kaz Brekker, Darkling and Nikolai Lantsov.

2/5 ⭐️

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