The Dare, Harley LaRoux

What can I say? Booktok made me do it… my FYP was completely invaded for this book, good reviews, bad reviews, traumatized people, etc.

So, obviously I needed to know what was all the hype about, so I read it. The only thing I knew about it was that it wasn’t a full novel but a short story/novella and that was it, zero expectations.

I think this is gonna be a small review because to be honest, this novella is 98% sex, 2% story, so there’s not a lot of things to rescue. 😅

The Dare by Harley LaRoux. Photography by Nathalia Cz for Read In Bookblog.

The Dare is a novella about Jessica, a girl who used to be the most popular cheerleader when she was in high school, she used to be the girlfriend of Kyle, the former football team captain. Everyone wanted to be her, or with her. At the other side we have Manson, the creepy guy who Jessica and Kyle and pretty much everyone made fun of. For some reason Jessica ended up in a bathroom kissing Manson y she liked it so much it actually scared her, but Kyle founds out, and confronted Manson, but he had a knife in his hand, and because of this he’s expelled of the school… now many years after that altercation, Jessica is in a halloween party and Manson is there too, and thanks to a dare, he’s not gonna pass the opportunity to teach her how to be a good girl instead of the brat she used to be.

I heard so many things about this story, and actually it’s not a bad one but also it’s not a masterpiece, it’s in a gray area in the middle of everything. The novella is only 200 pages or so, and you can read it pretty fast, but I have to admit that even with all the creepy practices inside, I wanted to know more because I truly liked Manson, he’s mysterious and dark but at the same time he has light inside and I would loved to know more about that specific part of him.

I read this in 2 hours straight, I think Jessica is a character with a lot of potential but there’s something about her I don’t like at all. I don’t know what it is…

If you want something quick and a little bit weird to read with a lot of dark erotica, this is a very good option.


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