The Ex Hex, Erin Sterling

October is here which means spooky season readings 🎃 and for this month book club read we read The Ex Hex which was a cute surprise.

I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy the past three months and I’m a huge romance fan but this book was a good mix of both sides.

First of all, I appreciate the acotar moments 😂 like we have Rhys, Elaine and Gwyn in the first two pages, and Vivi (The Cruel Prince reference) as well, and various Harry Potter references in the middle, yes thanks for all that.

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling, photography by Nathalia Cz for Read In Bookblog.

I tried to enjoy this book a lot but for some moments I couldn’t, I mean it’s not a bad story, it’s cute with some spice in it, but it’s not my favorite. I enjoyed the romance between Rhys and Vivi, and the Dracula room was funny, but there where things that I found way too rushed, but generally it’s an easy Halloween read.

To be honest the book has this Halloweentown vibe like a Hallmark movie but with witchcraft and a second chance love which makes me think this book has a lot of potential for a movie based on it! 😂

If you want to read a light, fast read full of seasonal love, this is your best option!

3/5 ⭐️

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