The Cheat Sheet, Sarah Adams

First of all YES, that’s all I can say to summarize this book. I think Best friends-to-Lovers and Fake Date are a pretty awesome combination, but at the same time, this is the only way I truly enjoy the best friend-to-lovers trope without totally cringed (hi shadow & bone).

I’m in love with Nathan, he’s the sweetest giant teddy bear just like Bree said. I think I have an addiction to hot athletes with huge hearts now. I loved this story even though I wanted to punch Bree and Nathan in the face a lot of times, but I truly enjoyed the ride.

The Cheat Sheet is a story narrated in two voices, Bree and Nathan’s point of view. We have these two high school best friends who after four years of separation and distance they found each other once more in a very adult stage this time. Nathan is the QB of the LA Sharks, a super hot pro athlete with millions and millions of dollars in his account, and at the other side, we have Bree, an ex-ballerina who after a horrible accident was forced to abandon her dream of Juilliard and ballet in general. She’s now the owner of a ballet studio in LA and she teaches young aspirants to pursue their ballet dreams in a more holistic and healthy way.

The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams. Photography by Nathalia Cz for Read In Bookblog.

They are both opposites, Bree is a free spirit full of life thanks to her new chance of a more happy living after the accident and Nathan works extremely hard to drive his team into the Super Bowl. He has a manager, a publicist, an agent and his life is almost completely controlled by his mom, but Bree is his own way of escaping this world full of spotlights!

They are extremely adorable together and I think that’s why I wanted to punch them in the face so many times because it was soooo obvious that they were in love to each other that hurts!

After Bree made a mistake with a gossip journalist in a public restroom, Nathan and her are forced to fake a relationship and shoot a commercial for a very good amount of money that would help Bree a lot, so both besties agree to fake a not so fake relationship and everything changes when both noticed that perhaps the other is not so friendly as they thought!

I’m so obsessed with this story, it’s one of those cute contemporary romances super easy to read that breaks your spirit and makes you feel crazy lonely 🥺 it’s an excellent choice if you want a break of strong feelings, maybe too much fantasy or thrillers, this one is perfect and I’m sure I would re-read it in the future.

5/5 ⭐️

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