Purple Hearts, Tess Wakefield

Wow, this was a ride… I found this book some weeks ago when I saw the movie trailer and I needed to read it before it was out, so I downloaded the book and started my journey full of expectation since the trailer looked amazing… but what a surprise!

It was a beautiful story don’t get me wrong, and I really loved Luke and Cassie even when she was a little bit annoying… but what I really hated about this novel (yes, not everything was perfect) was the inconclusive romance we had at the end 🥲.


This is one of those unique cases in which you think “the movie was better than the book.”

Purple Hearts by Tess Wakefield, Photography by Nathalia Cz for Read In Bookblog.

I had so many questions all the time while reading and the movie was simple, straight to the point and really beautiful even though they deleted characters like Toby which was an important character in the book since was Cassie’s love interest the majority of the story, and they changed names like Frankie’s last names or Luke’s dog and even Jake’s son JJ was Spencer. Also in the movie we don’t see any kind of conflict between Jake and Luke whatsoever and everything was a “dad” situation.
But the end was perfect and I was worried about that when I was watching the movie, so thank you Netflix for literally saving this story!!!

I was so excited about this book, but at some point even though it was beautiful and great, I needed so much mooooore!!! I hated that this was an inconclusive romance!!! Why would you do that? What was the reason?? I mean Inwas constantly asking me at the end: What happened with the trial? What happened with the dealer? What happened with Cassie’s career? I had so many questions and I needed so many answers right away it was frustrating 😫😫😫

Netflix’s Purple Hearts Movie

I loved Luke tho, so much, I think he’s my ultimate favorite from this story. At some points I was kinda mad with Cassie cause she was just so stupid some times 😂 so I’m grateful she’s better in the movie… this could be a 5⭐️ reading but all those blank spaces… just no, I’m sorry, and I’m literally heartbroken because of that since I really think the idea of the story is great and the movie is a solid 4.5/5 ⭐️.


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