ARC review: Lucien and I by Sasha Clinton

I’m extremely happy with this review… it is officially my first ARC review in partnership with NetGalley!

I was very excited when I read the synopsis of this particular novel, and I think the reason I chose it was the line «Grey’s Anatomy meets The Hating Game.» I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, and I actually enjoyed The Hating Game (the movie more than the book tbh… sorry) so I was curious and I sent a request to read the ARC of Lucien and I .

So, first of all, what is Lucien and I?

Mira Krishnan (the main female character) is a cardiothoracic surgery fellow whose three big goals in life are:

1. Achieve superstardom in the field of heart surgery.
2. Crush Lucien Stone by showing him that she’s the superior heart surgeon.
3. Fall in love with someone who is NOT Lucien Stone so she can erase her 19-year-long crush on him.

Lucien (the main male character) and Mira have been rivals since high school, and she’d like nothing more than to wipe that smug, overconfident smirk off his devastatingly handsome face. But when their rivalry goes too far and they’re caught in the middle of a fight by the program director, Mira’s life changes. To avoid being expelled from the fellowship for failing to conduct themselves in an appropriate, collegiate manner, Lucien and Mira are forced to lie about dating each other so they can dismiss their behavior as extreme flirting. But going on fake dates, vacations, and spending time together makes them realize that underneath all the jibes and rivalry, there’s potential for something more…and perhaps, instead of looking into other people’s hearts, they need to look into their own. 

With that synopsis, yes I was total in!

When I received my YES to read this ARC I was really happy but hey, the time!!! I’m writing this review today sunday september 25th at 9:35pm and hey! the book is gonna be published TOMORROW!! September 26th!!! So I think this is a new version of elegant late!

I have to be 100% honest, I enjoyed the book but only a portion of it. I think the idea is good but FOR ME not completely great. I mean, the Grey’s Anatomy vibe is fabulous but the are other stuff in the story that personally I think are extra (and not in a glamorous way).

Lucien and I by Sasha Clinton


The thing with the rivalry I think it was a little bit too much at the beginning I mean, the are adults in there 30s, professional doctors acting 24/7 like 5 year olds all the time in front of EVERYONE, even patients, and I know it’s fiction but idk I couldn’t tolerate the mood!

It was a looooooong introduction. At the beginning I was kinda tired of the same situations over and over again, I mean it was quiet obvious that Lucien was crazy in love with Mira since chapter 1, and Mira too but she was more in a defensive position all the time. They were obsessed with each other since high school so of course they are in love!!! Stop being so dramatic and kiss for God sake!!!

Anyways, even if its a little bit slow at the beginning and you want to kill them pretty much all the time, its a nice read, a classic enemies to lovers with fake dating included, but I have to say that the fake dating part it wasn’t completely good to me, the reason was kinda dumb I mean if you’re in a hospital and you have a fight with another doctor and your boss is mad with you, you talk to HR not fake date someone! But yes, it’s a novel and it’s fiction so bad luck for me!

If you are into romcoms with medical vibe and want to have a light reading to enjoy, go for it and fall in love with Lucien Stone and Mira Krishnan, I have to admit that I laugh sometimes with them!

Publishing date: September 26th, 2022. You can buy this book on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, IndieBound and Amazon.


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